Tips for Maintaining your aluminium MacBook

Modern Apple’s gadgets are used worldwide because of the quality, high technological performance and excellent portability. Buying an iPhone or a MacBook, you get an opportunity to carry a light functional device that can be used anywhere. MacBook like any other gadget needs extra protection from accidental drops, scratches and other unexpected damage. To protect your Macbook is the confidence in its great performance and look as good as it was a couple of years ago. We offer you some tips to maintain your Mac in a great condition. Never forget about the screen. Sometimes it can be dirty from fingers or pens. Give it a light clean with the cloth as often as possible. Special screen cleaning sprays are helpful in this case. Be gentle when cleaning the screen. To protect the aluminium MacBook case you should avoid using stickers. Because it will be difficult to remove them later, and, moreover, they may damage the case soon.

In most cases, you remember about protective accessories only when the notebook is taken with you to work or on a trip. However, there are chances to damage it at home too. Many people believe that if you leave the Mac at home and use it only at the table, then nothing will happen to it. It is a real misconception! Dust, pet hair, crumbs from snacks…these all fall into the device and may damage it over time. It’s needless to mention about accidentally spilled tea or soda. Right? The most essential protective accessory for the Macbook is undoubtedly the cover. There are several basic models of covers which are designed to provide varying degrees of protection. Moreover, they differ in form factors and materials.

Leather Cover for Macbook often represents an envelope or a pocket. The envelope cover is suitable for those who want to protect the Mac at home and often take it with them. Such models are closed with a zipper or other type of fastener, and hence, even in extreme conditions such as when driving on rough roads, for example, the device remains inside. The pocket cover is not closed. The laptop is simply placed inside. However, this cover is also quite protective and holds the device firmly. On the whole, leather covers for Macbook are very durable and reliable. They maintain a neat look not only of the laptop but also of its own. They look solid, indicating the status of the owner. Laconic design and ease of using are the distinctive features of leather cases. Moreover, they protect Macbook against bumps and drops. Leather is a thick material, so if you happen to drop the Mac, a kind of airbag will be between the floor and the laptop. They can also be used as a stand on your lap or any slippery surface.

Felt Covers are also presented as protective accessories in the form of envelopes or bags. Unlike leather cases, they are more lightweight, but come short of strength. Felt covers are also suitable for use when carrying or storing at home. Felt does not scratch the laptop.

Plastic Case for Macbook is a classic in the world of protective accessories for laptops. This is the easiest and most reliable way to protect the device from damage, nasty scratches and scuffs. Such covers are made of polycarbonate and put on a laptop as the shell, snap and become its "second skin". Plastic cases for Macbook can be glossy or matte, with pictures or transparent. They improve the grip of the notebook. Macbook retains the original weight and does not change much in size. Moreover, plastic cases have cut-outs for cooling devices and rubber feet that hold the laptop stationary.

Silicone pads for MacBook are used for protecting the keyboard. They perform several functions: -They preserve the clarity of numbers and letters on the keys which may be erased with time. -Moreover, they can help to prevent dirt entry and various fluids inside the device. -In addition, they are helpful to diversify the design of the device and to express the individuality of its owner. Silicone plugs are the smallest but not less important protective accessories for the Macbook. Silicone plugs are used to preserve the integrity of the Macbook connectors. They weigh almost nothing and look quite funny. With their help, you can close unused connectors or protect the others. Now, you are empowered with knowledge how to protect your device. Apply it and enjoy the proper performance and look of the MacBook!