Sharing and Printing iPhone and iPad Photos

Sometimes you are eager to share your amazing photos with others. Do you wonder how to do it from the iPhone or iPad? The Share Sheet will help you do this. AirDrop, Mail, iCloud, Twitter, Facebook, iMessage are some apps for sharing pictures and videos.

The easiest and the most popular way of sharing your individual photos or videos is to launch the Photo app. It is usually on the Home screen. Select the photo or video you want to share. Tap on the Share button (it is in the left corner of the bottom). And finally, tap the method to share, i.e. you can send photos at the original size, or smaller, trim the video.

Sharing multiple photos is also easy. Just launch the Photo application again. Tapping Select in the right corner of the top, select your photos and videos. The next your step is to tap Share in the left bottom corner and don’t forget about choosing the method.

The opportunity to print photos from iPhones allows getting a paper image copy in a few seconds after it has been shot. It is useful to know the details for confident usage of the available functions. So, here are four of the most modern ways to print photos or documents from your mobile device.

  1. This method is universal. The first you should do is to connect your Wi-Fi printer to the same network as your iPhone. The printer must support AirPrint. Then, launch the app Photos, select the photo for printing. Tap the button Share. Tap the button Next. You will see the button Print that will occur in the second row of icons. Tap it. Then, choose a printer. From the list you can type the photo quantity you want to get. After that, just tap Print.
  2. Using a special application. You can find its own original mobile app. The printer must be connected to the same network as your iPhone. But remember that printing begins only from the original app that means limiting you to a few popular formats. On the other hand, such apps allow using all the printer functions, for example, they can check the ink level or scan if the printer supports a scanner.
  3. If the printer is old enough, doesn’t support the original print and doesn’t have the original app, you can use mobile apps of direct printing. You should download a program (Printer Pro, for instance) that is suitable for printers via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB-port. Such programs are usually not free and they have a limited range of formats. So, you should check if they are compatible with the printing device.
  4. Printing into the file. This method allows getting a PDF file instead of a paper copy. The settings are the same as in the first method, only a printer is unnecessary – when selecting, tap the bottom Save in PDF.

Quality printing for you!